About us
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DEKIEN was born in 2019 from an idea waiting for a plane that was too late. An idea that consisted of creating a brand for a dynamic, cosmopolitan, independent woman with a very, very strong identity. An idea that we were giving content, meaning, forms, character, in short, essence. With enthusiasm and no less effort, we have tried to give more identity to the idea that arose at that airport. That is why we have made a strong commitment to a new DEKIEN. We have the essence and without renouncing trends, we have the DNA we were looking for. The road begins for a renewed DEKIEN, sensitive and strong at the same time, for a natural woman without filters.


We design functional fashion for women who follow trends without renouncing comfort and naturalness. We create sophisticated designs that comply with the elegance of a classic style and that follow the modernity of the working and cosmopolitan woman. We give each fabric, each pattern and each finish the importance that belongs to them.


For our team, the most important thing is to give each garment the time it deserves. That’s why we decided not to produce massive collections, moving away from ‘fast fashion’ and avoiding the production of excessive resources. We like to recognise that we take care of our brand and every detail of its fruits.  

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DEKIEN was born from our desire to communicate our philosophy with our designs. We produce almost 100% of our garments with workers from the same city, generating a positive impact on the planet and encouraging local commerce. 

“Elegances is the only beauty that never fades ” Audrey Hepburn